Feces, Urine, and Litter Oh My — A Guide to Litterbox Issues

Litter box issues can be one of the most trying times for cat owners. However, there is always a cause, and many times issues can be easily fixed with a little bit of patience and dedication.  Before you… Read More

Pet Academy Provides Great Resources For Owners Looking For Help

The Virginia Beach SPCA is dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond and building life-long companionships. The Pet Academy was designed with this in mind and offers a variety of different resources for pet parents – from behavioral training… Read More

Questions That You Should Be Asking When You Adopt

You did it! You decided to save a life and adopt. You’re now at your local shelter — with no idea where to start. Adopting from a shelter is a great decision and one that saves thousands of… Read More

October Volunteer Spotlight

In which area of the VBSPCA do you volunteer? I started out cleaning the boxes in the cattery, and eventually I started cleaning the colonies which is what I enjoy the most. Why did you choose to volunteer… Read More

Learning About Leashes — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Finding a good leash, collar or harness for your dog can be extremely challenging. There are a variety of different tools to choose from, and some are better than others. One of our experienced trainers, Shana Ness, gave… Read More

10 Tips to Run With Your Dog

Running is a great form of exercise and an enjoyable way to get outside and explore! While running can be fun alone, it is always better with a four-legged friend by your side. But before you can take… Read More

Another Way of Seeing Things — Three Blind Kittens Join The VBSPCA Family

Imagine living in a world where you are in complete darkness and you have discovered your surroundings through smell, touch and taste. This is what life is like for the three blind kittens the VBSPCA recently took in. … Read More

Getting Better with Age: Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

If you’re interested in adopting a new furry family member, here are a few reasons why you should consider a senior pet: Being at a shelter does not imply an older animal is problematic: Older pets are surrendered… Read More

VBSPCA Shares Why Black Cats Are Pawsome

One of the most popular symbols of Halloween is the black cat. However, besides being associated with all things spooky, black cats are also connected to bad luck. “They’re absolutely gorgeous creatures and the fact that we have… Read More

Get Ready for Hampton Roads’ Furriest Costume Festival!

  Get Ready For Hampton Roads’ Furriest Costume Festival! The VBSPCA is excited to host the 41st Mutt Masquerade and is looking forward to a day of fun and furry friends. In addition to the traditional festivities, this… Read More