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Gifts That Give Back

Tis the season to support the animals! If you have pet lovers in your circle of family and friends, consider giving gifts that give back to the animals of the VBSPCA.  Include some extra love in your holiday… Read More

Why Senior Pets Make Great Companions

Senior pets make great pets! A dog or cat is considered a senior if they are seven years or older. If you are considering adopting a furry family member, here are some reasons to consider welcoming an older… Read More

What You Should Know When Adopting an FIV Positive Cat

Are FIV cats unadoptable? Historically, FIV- positive cats have often been considered un-adoptable, and are euthanized in many shelters. However, new research has shown that FIV-positive cats are in fact very adoptable, and can live the same lifespan… Read More

Cat Carrier Training Tips

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get your cat inside their carrier and having your furry friend sneak their way out while you are closing it up. If you want to put your cat in its… Read More

Baby, It’s Cold Outside — Tips to Keep Your Four-Legged Friends Safe During The Winter

Winter conjures up images of playing in the snow, ice skating, and hot chocolate, but this time of year can also present some dangerous situations for our four-legged friends. Just like humans, pets can easily be affected by… Read More

Cat Body Language Basics

Cats are amazing animals and great companions, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what your cat is trying to tell you if you don’t know what you’re looking for! The good news is that cats… Read More

Questions That You Should Be Asking When You Adopt

You did it! You decided to save a life and adopt. You’re now at your local shelter — with no idea where to start. Adopting from a shelter is a great decision and one that saves thousands of… Read More

October 2019 Volunteer Spotlight

In which area of the VBSPCA do you volunteer? I started out cleaning the boxes in the cattery, and eventually I started cleaning the colonies which is what I enjoy the most. Why did you choose to volunteer… Read More

VBSPCA Shares Why Black Cats Are Pawsome

One of the most popular symbols of Halloween is the black cat. However, besides being associated with all things spooky, black cats are also connected to bad luck. “They’re absolutely gorgeous creatures and the fact that we have… Read More

How to Make your New Cat Comfortable at Home

It is common for adopters to move a little too quickly when introducing a new cat to a new home. However, it is important to keep in mind that a change in environment, even a positive one, can… Read More