Neuter Scooter

We have cancelled all Neuter Scooter locations until the pandemic situation changes. Please check back for updates. 

The VBSPCA Neuter Scooter 2.0 was designed to focus primarily on spaying and neutering animals in order to continue preventing the overpopulation of felines and canines. We have added a vaccine clinic to out neuter scooter services, to ensure that our community has access to necessary care for their pets. We have been “scooting” around Hampton Roads since 2012 with the objective of providing a greater number of low-cost veterinary services to pet owners in the community who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the necessary care their animals require.

In addition to being a mobile vet clinic, our Neuter Scooter’s dual function is that of a Medical Disaster Response Vehicle. After seeing the catastrophic events following Hurricane Katrina, the VBSPCA has been participating in disaster training and planning. The Neuter Scooter 2.0 will be able to assist the community in the event of a disaster in Hampton Roads.

We would like to thank the Alfred L Nicholson Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, the Norfolk Foundation, and the Darden Foundation for donating the funds needed to make the Neuter Scooters a reality (both with the older model and now version 2.0). We also would like to thank the community for the enthusiastic reception that the Neuter Scooter has received while serving its various locations. Every pet owner should be able to afford to have their animals altered. The Virginia Beach SPCA is reaching that goal one pet at a time.

If you are interested in hosting and/or sponsoring the Neuter Scooter in 2019, please contact the Clinic Director, Shiona Attenweiler, at Shiona.Attenweiler@vbspca.com

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Neuter Scooter Locations and Appointment Information

Upcoming locations and dates are posted below. There will be a walk-up vaccine clinic at each Neuter Scooter date/location from 11am-12pm, unless otherwise stated. There will not be walk-up vaccine clinics when the Neuter Scooter is scheduled at the VBSPCA Shelter on Holland Rd.

All spay/neuter appointments must be scheduled in advance – we are unable to accommodate “walk-up” surgery requests. Please see the contact information below for each location. Dates are added/edited regularly, so please routinely check back for the most up to date information!

March Locations and Dates

We have cancelled all Neuter Scooter locations until the pandemic situation changes. Please check back for updates.