Adoption Fees

The Virginia Beach SPCA takes pride in the level of care and attention invested into every single one of our animals. Below is a list of our adoption fees and what is included. Please know that the adoption fees do not cover the full cost of what has been invested in each animal, and the remainder is covered by the VBSPCA Miracle Medical Fund*.

*If your animal has received extensive medical care while in the VBSPCA shelter, additional medical fees may be required at the time of adoption. The VBSPCA Miracle Medical Fund covers a portion of these fees and the rest is the adopter’s responsibility.

If your recently adopted pet is showing upper respiratory symptoms or surgery complications, you may bring your new pet to the shelter for an evaluation if it is within 10 days of adoption. The exam fee will be waived, and any medications and diagnostics will be charged to you at cost. Hours for this service are provided on Monday- Friday between 1pm-2:30pm. Complications outside of the said parameters and/or post 10 day adoption is the financial responsibility of the adopter.