Craft Projects for Shelter Animals

A great way for young animal lovers to support their local shelter is through crafts. These projects help foster kindness and compassion, two important values that will help children build better relationships with animals. Below you will find some fun and easy craft ideas designed to provide enrichment to the shelter animals as well as the animals in your home.

Please note, if your child is working on a project where they will be making a large amount of crafts/toys/treats for shelter animals, please reach out to the shelter first to discuss your goals and ideas. Each shelter has different policies on what can and cannot be used, so it is always best to work collaboratively with your local shelter to make sure your child’s hard work is providing the best benefit to the animals.

If you would like to start a project for the animals of the VBSPCA, please email info@vbspca.com.

If you are making these toys for animals in your home, please make sure that the playtime is monitored to ensure safe and healthy play.