A Message from the CEO

It is so hard to think that the year 2024 is here – time has a way of standing still and passing quickly in tandem. While the Virginia Beach SPCA remains dedicated to the animals in our care on a constant basis; we evolve to grow, learn, and collaborate to do even more. There is always more to do.

This has been particularly evident this year. The most recent data from Shelter Animals Count shows that there are 245,000 more animals in the system this year versus last year. The result of overbreeding, economic hardships, and residual pandemic effects have created an increase in the number of animals in need of care and shelter. We are seeing a bold mix of puppies and kittens, popular breeds, and pure breeds along with our “regular” shelter animals. We are working hard with our shelter partners in the area to transfer in animals whenever possible to help with overcrowding. We are constantly promoting our residents to qualifying adopters. Adoption floors are full and our hope is that 2024 brings in more animal lovers to experience the love and joy that is part of our adoption process.

The veterinary shortage crisis has also impacted our ability to do more. As area clinics struggle to keep their doors open and provide services to help keep healthy pets in their homes, we have striven to fill the gaps and ensure affordable care for those most in need. We have learned much over the past year about staffing, best practices, improved methodologies, and use of data to be positioned well for an expansion in 2024. As a grantee of PetSmart Charities Accelerator Grant, we are excited about our clinic renovation that will begin mid-January. This project will increase our surgical and clinical capacity to care for a greater number of pets in our community while allowing us to take even better care of our beloved shelter animals. As we begin renovations, there may be slight interruptions and changes in operations, so please watch for ongoing communications.

The continued delivery of our mission of compassion in 2023 was only possible because of the dependability of our community and the generosity of our donors. Whether through annual sponsorships, attendance of our gala and golf tournament, contributions to our Miracle Medical Fund, or time spent volunteering; the gifts from our supporters allow us to give back more to the animals. We know that 2024 promises even greater engagement with ALL of our friends through multiple opportunities to spread joy and give hope.

Our progress in 2023 is a result of the hardworking team members who have banded together for a common purpose: the animals. Our staff has endured difficult staffing times, contentious customers, challenging cases, and leadership changes. These challenges only make us better equipped to be successful in our vision of connecting people and their pets in 2024. We all owe them our gratitude.

As we blink our eyes to 2023, we celebrate the good, learn from the bad, and envision a future that we know includes more deserving shelter animals, greater health in our community of pets, more hard work, but even more rewards for all of us.

With many thanks and a bright outlook for 2024,