The Virginia Beach SPCA believes the establishment of long-term quality working relationships with local reputable breed rescues will benefit all animals entering shelters. Before filling out the necessary paperwork, we feel it is important for us to express some of our basic beliefs about working with rescue groups.

First, it is important for rescue agencies to cultivate a relationship with shelters before attempting to transfer an animal out of our shelter. We need to know specific information about your group’s policies and procedures before we will feel comfortable releasing an animal to you.

The Virginia Beach SPCA has worked hard to establish one of the highest adoption rates for any open-access shelter in the state. Our trained staff is careful to match each animal to a family based on temperament and behavior. We believe that every animal in our shelter deserves a second chance, and while we are very successful in adopting animals, we recognize that certain individual animals will do better when placed with experts in that particular breed. Furthermore, rescue groups have contacts with individuals with breed experience, which are often the only option for animals with behavior issues.

We have no shortage of customers hoping to adopt any of the young, healthy, purebred animals that are relinquished to our shelter. It is the “behavior issue” animals, along with older animals or animals with minor health issues, that we hope you can help place. Your contacts and passion for the particular breed can be very beneficial in giving these less sought after, but equally as wonderful, animals a second chance.

We also welcome your expertise on working with your breed of interest. If you have educational material that you would like shared with adopters of this breed, please include with your returned packet.

We look forward to connecting with you and to creating a mutually beneficial partnership that advances the welfare of all animals.

Please send all completed applications to transfers@vbspca.com