March 2020 Spotlight — Valerie Custer

Valerie has been fostering animals for the VBSPCA since 2012, and she has helped us save the lives of more than 150 animals! Fosters play a very important role in the VBSPCA’s mission, and we are very lucky… Read More

The Importance of Vaccinating Your Pet

Vaccines are a critical part of pet ownership as they ensure not only the safety of your own pet, but they also prevent your pet from spreading infectious diseases to other animals. There are a number of vaccinations… Read More

What You Should Know When Adopting an FIV Positive Cat

Are FIV cats unadoptable? Historically, FIV- positive cats have often been considered un-adoptable, and are euthanized in many shelters. However, new research has shown that FIV-positive cats are in fact very adoptable, and can live the same lifespan… Read More

February 2020 Volunteer Spotlight — Patricia Gee

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when your subjects can’t speak for themselves. Our animals rely heavily on our volunteer photographers to capture their best moments so they can find forever homes. Patricia Gee is one… Read More

Setting Your Puppy Up For Success

Congratulations on welcoming a new puppy into your home!  It is important to make sure you and your puppy start off on the right “paw,” so we have prepared the following tips to help guide you toward a… Read More

Why we do what we do + a video that will make you smile

Riddick, a 10 year old senior cat, first arrived at the shelter in May of 2018. He has special needs, and his owner could no longer afford his care. Riddick spent 8 long months in the shelter until… Read More

Hampton Roads Community Foundation provides substantial funding for VBSPCA Dog Yard Expansion Project

We are very excited to announce that the Virginia Beach SPCA has received a substantial grant of $100,000 for capital improvements from the Alfred L. Nicholson Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. The VBSPCA has been receiving… Read More

January 2020 Volunteer Spotlight — Bob Schirmer

This month we are highlighting Bob, a valued volunteer who makes a big difference in the lives of our shelter dogs. The VBSPCA relies heavily on volunteer service to provide care for all of our animals, and we… Read More

Mission Moments — Long-Term Shelter Residents

Amidst our ceaseless march towards a more compassionate community, we are proud to say that we see victories every single day. The VBSPCA mission is in action everywhere we look, and it is important to take pause and… Read More

Cat Carrier Training Tips

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get your cat inside their carrier and having your furry friend sneak their way out while you are closing it up. If you want to put your cat in its… Read More