The Virginia Beach SPCA provides a number of services to the Hampton Roads community geared toward decreasing suffering while increasing compassion.

VBSPCA Public Veterinary Clinic
The Virginia Beach SPCA veterinary clinic provides low cost services to families with annual incomes less than $65,000, military members, and first responders. The mobile Neuter Scooter expands the VBSPCA reach by providing spay/neuter services from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg. For information on our clinic, click here.

Surrender Your Pet
The Virginia Beach SPCA accepts owner relinquishments of pets, and our team is dedicated to finding new, loving homes for them. This can be a difficult process, and our staff is here to help you through it. For more information on surrendering your pet, click here.

The Virginia Beach SPCA routinely accepts transfers from other animal shelters and rescue groups in effort to provide better chances of adoption for animals in need. For more information on working with the VBSPCA on a transfer, click the here.

The Virginia Beach SPCA serves as a triage center for injured wildlife. For more information on the VBSPCA Wildlife department, click here.