Happy Tails — Goose

Every single animal that comes through our shelter has a story. Some are complex, many are sad, but all of them get better the minute they arrive at the Virginia Beach SPCA. Goose was a shy adolescent dog who needed a home that would give him a lot of patience and love. He found his perfect home with adopter Kendall and lab sister Heisty who helped him regain confidence. We recently caught up with Kendall, and she gave us an update on Goose, Heisty, and their happy life together.

How did you find Goose and what was your adoption experience?

I have had my dog Heisty for three years, she is a yellow lab and also a rescue. She loves other dogs, but we never really were looking, until COVID hit and my office told everyone to work from home for the foreseeable future. I thought it would be the perfect time to take in a rescue since I would have plenty of time to spend with them. I searched the VBSPCA website and saw many adorable pups I knew would be adopted, then I came across a fluffy white cloud that had been there for over a month and needed multiple visits before he could be adopted. I knew right away this was the pup I wanted! My family has been involved in animal rescue my whole life so I was ready to put in the extra time he would require. During our first meeting he started to warm up but was still very hesitant. One of the employees told me he was extremely frightened of men. Each visit he would perk up more to see my familiar face and on the fourth I did the big test — introducing him to Heisty. I was so nervous and was praying all day they would click. They immediately loved each other and even started playing, and I knew she would be the perfect big sister. Throughout the visits, he had not let me do more than pet him gently, but when we arrived at our home I sat on the couch and he jumped up to cuddle!

What is Goose like in his forever home?

It has been four months since I adopted Goose and he is doing great. Each day I would see him get more and more comfortable and have had plenty of time to work with his confidence since I work from home. I take him to Sandbridge on weekends to see my parents and sister. The first visit he would not let my dad within 20 feet of him, but now he runs and jumps on my dad and follows him all around the yard. I think he may be his new favorite. While I work at home, he plays with his sister all day and takes naps with her at my feet. He is also the fan favorite of Zoom calls as he loves jumping on my chair and saying hi. I could not imagine my life without Goose at this point and I know Heisty feels the same way! I can tell he finally understands that he is here to stay forever.

We’ve heard that he is quite the jokester, what are some of his funny quirks?

He has such a unique personality. Goose is always sticking his tongue out, but just enough to where it looks hilarious — I call it his resting face. When I lay on the couch he will jump on and just stand on top of me without moving. If I try to move him he will lay on me and will not budge. He loves jumping on the couch like a kid and body slamming his sister then pouncing on me. I cannot move an inch in my house without him following me and he is the biggest momma’s boy around. If he knows you, he will give you the biggest jump hug of your life when you see him!

What are your favorite activities to do with Goose?

Goose loves his walks and going to see his neighborhood friend Bentley at the dog park. I take Goose and Heisty to the beach often, although he only likes to dip his paws in the water so far and watch his sister swim through waves. He does enjoy digging in the sand and politely sitting next to the closest family with food. He also loves to play his own version of fetch where he lets Heisty get the ball then side attacks her, turning the game into a wrestling match. Goose loves his daily walks where he can watch all the wildlife and say hello to the other dogs passing by.

Why should someone consider adopting an animal?

Adopting an animal brings an immense amount of love and purpose into your life. It sounds cheesy, but my two rescue dogs have saved me more than I have saved them. They have been there for me in the darkest times and bring so much joy to my life. The unconditional love you find in animals is greater than anything you will experience, and these sweet animals deserve a second chance at a loving permanent home. They do not judge and will be the best companion you could ever hope for. I am not saying it doesn’t take work and training, but every tough moment is worth it to come home to my two rescues.