January 2020 Volunteer Spotlight — Bob Schirmer

This month we are highlighting Bob, a valued volunteer who makes a big difference in the lives of our shelter dogs. The VBSPCA relies heavily on volunteer service to provide care for all of our animals, and we… Read More

Mission Moments — Long-Term Shelter Residents

Amidst our ceaseless march towards a more compassionate community, we are proud to say that we see victories every single day. The VBSPCA mission is in action everywhere we look, and it is important to take pause and… Read More

Cat Carrier Training Tips

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get your cat inside their carrier and having your furry friend sneak their way out while you are closing it up. If you want to put your cat in its… Read More

A New Year’s Message From Our CEO

There is the story well told that awakens the heart. There is the story untold that escapes the heart. There is the story unfinished that breaks the heart. And there is the story transformed that forever captures the… Read More

Baby, It’s Cold Outside — Tips to Keep Your Four-Legged Friends Safe During The Winter

Winter conjures up images of playing in the snow, ice skating, and hot chocolate, but this time of year can also present some dangerous situations for our four-legged friends. Just like humans, pets can easily be affected by… Read More

Manners Matter — Teaching Your Dog Polite Greetings

At some point, everyone has been greeted by an excited, jumping dog. This can happen with an overzealous puppy who may have forgotten their manners, and it can even happen with older dogs who are simply excited to… Read More

12 Days of December Animal Ambassadors

The 2019 VBSPCA Holiday Fund Drive is dedicated to the Miracle Medical Fund, which provides lifesaving care to homeless animals. Medical treatment can be very costly and is often a deterrent to potential adopters. The VBSPCA Miracle Medical… Read More

Be a Holiday Elf For The Animals of The VBSPCA This Year

The holidays are a time to reflect and give back, and what better way to do that than fostering a shelter animal for Christmas? The Holiday Elf program was started as a way for animals to get a… Read More

December 2019 Volunteer Spotlight — Laura Poole

What is the Visiting Paws program? We select dogs from the shelter to visit nursing homes and retirement communities in the city of Virginia Beach. I personally visit about 14 locations right now, some monthly, some twice a… Read More

December 2019 Volunteer Spotlight — Kevin and Heather Ford

How did you get involved in fostering? We started volunteering with the VBSPCA in 2016 in other areas: special events, dog walking, helping in the cattery. I wanted to foster as well but was concerned about the time… Read More