Lethal Lilies

Did you know certain flowers are lethal to your pets? Before you bring those beautiful blooms inside, be sure your four-legged family members are safe! One of the most popular flowers this time of year is also the… Read More

Identify the breed of your mutt!

Have you ever wanted to know which breeds have come together to create your lovable mutt? Is he part German Sheppard/ part Husky? Part Jack Russel Terrier/part Golden Retriever? Well, you can find out. In honor of National… Read More

Compassion in the Community | April 2019

It’s time for spring and sunshine! From egg hunts to Earth Day, there’s lots of ways to celebrate compassion this April. Take a moment to meet adoptable animals out in the community, plant a flower in honor of… Read More

Bringing Your New Dog Home

Bringing a new dog home is an exciting time for a family, and you want to be sure you’re taking the right steps to welcome your new friend into an unfamiliar space. Even though going to a forever… Read More

Compassion in the Community | March 2019

Feeling lucky? Get ready for spring by supporting Virginia Beach SPCA’s mission of compassion. You can participate in the first ever St. Patrick’s Day Kick Off Fun Run, cheers to our mission at Yappy Hour, lend a hand… Read More

10 Reasons to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Need to get your pet Spayed/Neutered? Find all of our upcoming Neuter Scooter dates and locations here.  Here are 10 great reasons to Spay/Neuter your pet: Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, which is fatal in… Read More

Compassion in the Community | February 2019

Has the cold weather given you cabin fever? Warm your heart by supporting the Virginia Beach SPCA’s mission of compassion! Come have some fun at our Puppy Bowl Tail-Gate party, learn your dog’s love language, or meet some… Read More

Wildlife 411: Opossums

The Virginia Beach SPCA’s Wildlife Program cares for a lot of local wildlife, including the Virginia opossum. More than 65 species of opossums exist in the world, but the Virginia opossum is the only surviving marsupial in North… Read More

Compassion in the Community | December 2018

‘Tis the season for compassion. Even if you’re not looking to adopt a new furry friend, you can support the Virginia Beach SPCA’s mission of compassion while you’re out in the community. This December, enjoy a special performance… Read More

National Pet Obesity Day

Take a walk through the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Kennel and Cattery and you’re bound to find animal profiles indicating a special prescription diet. This can sometimes be concerning to potential adopters but you shouldn’t let it deter you… Read More