Financial Assistance Resources

At the Virginia Beach SPCA, we believe that every pet parent should have access to affordable veterinary care. Our low-cost services are designed in the hopes of keeping more pets in homes and preventing animals from turning up in shelters due to financial obstacles. Whether you are planning ahead to prepare for any future pet health issues or in need of assistance for a current concern, there are resources that can help.

Plan Ahead

Pet Insurance
For help on future medical expenses, consider pet insurance. Just like health insurance for humans, rates and policies can vary between different companies – so do your research! The Virginia Beach SPCA Shelter offers 30 days of pet insurance through Trupanion with any canine or feline adoption. Click here to learn more about Trupanion’s offerings.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for health and wellness needs, including pets. There are options for shorter term financing with no interest as well as longer term financing with reduced APR and fixed monthly payments. CareCredit is accepted at many local veterinary clinics and offices, including the Virginia Beach SPCA. Click here to learn more about CareCredit.

Apply for Assistance

There are nonprofit organizations that provide financial assistance to pet parents who are struggling to pay for veterinary care. Please note: many of these organizations require that pet parents apply for CareCredit as part of their application process. Click on any of the organizations named below to learn more about eligibility and requirements.

Create a Fundraiser

You can also create your own fundraiser to solicit donations for your pet’s medical expenses. Two sites specifically designed for this are Waggle and Free Animal Doctor.