Scott Taylor | In Service to the VBSPCA for 8 Years

Since 2013, Scott Taylor has been a very familiar face at the Virginia Beach SPCA. It all started with a tour of the VBSPCA Shelter. “The impact that was evident during that first visit spoke to me, and I knew I had to do more than volunteer or donate,” Taylor recalled. He joined the VBSPCA Board of Directors that year and later stepped up as Board Chair in 2017.

With his experience as a business owner, Taylor has successfully guided the VBSPCA through unique periods of change thanks to his expertise and leadership skills. He has also donated the time and services of his businesses, Taylor Construction and Va Valet, as well as sponsored numerous VBSPCA events. For Taylor, giving back to his community is a must. “To me, being philanthropic is not a choice – it’s a requirement,” said Taylor. His support of the VBSPCA stems from the compassion for animals demonstrated by his father. Taylor currently has two cats, Olivia and Penny, who were both adopted from our shelter.

As Board Chair, Taylor’s top priority has been to ensure the VBSPCA has strong leadership and financial standing in order to sustain the organization well into the future. He is inspired by the teamwork that is evident in our shelter and clinic as well as how many animals receive their second chance at our facility. “The animal welfare impact is a shockwave that continues to impact more and more people and animals as the organization grows.”

Taylor shared that he would like to challenge members of the community to think about how they could be involved with helping animals. “Maybe it’s volunteering once a month at the shelter, or going through their old linens and seeing what they can donate, or possibly [setting] up a monthly recurring donation,” said Taylor. “Anything [they] can do to help will allow us to make more of an impact on the animal community we are here to serve.”

Taylor’s time as Board Chair will come to a close in September as we enter a new fiscal year, but he will remain on the Board of Directors. We are grateful for his years of support, and his legacy at the VBSPCA will undoubtedly resonate for many years to come.

If you are interested in serving on the Virginia Beach SPCA Board of Directors, please email Emily.Peck@vbspca.com for more information.