Todd Eichman | In Service to the VBSPCA for 25+ Years

Todd Eichman has been serving on the Virginia Beach SPCA Board of Directors for over 25 years. “I have had an affinity for animals since I was very young,” he says. “We always had dogs and cats in the house, and the ability to help speak for those who can’t drew me to help the VBSPCA.”

As an experienced CPA and CFP, Eichman shares his financial expertise with the VBSPCA. He is currently a partner with Sterling Benefits, LLC in Virginia Beach, where he assists small businesses and individuals with retirement planning. Prior to that, Eichman spent 11 tax seasons at a large accounting firm. He lives in Suffolk with his wife, two daughters, two cats, and a cockatiel.

Eichman is a strong advocate for the VBSPCA’s spaying and neutering services, which he believes have had a major impact on the number of unwanted animals in our community. “We have spayed and neutered thousands upon thousands of animals during my tenure on the board and I can’t imagine where we would be as a community without [those services],” he says.

Eichman not only contributes to the VBSPCA mission by sharing his financial guidance, but through his hopeful outlook on animal welfare as well. His words of advice to the public? “Everyone should visit the shelter – it is not a sad or depressing place – it is a place of hope! Find somewhere in the organization where you can donate money or time and see what happens!” Todd, we so appreciate your many years of dedicated service to our animals!

If you are interested in serving on the Virginia Beach SPCA Board of Directors, please email Derby.Brackett@vbspca.com for more information.