Happy Tails | Leroy

Every single animal that comes through our shelter has a story. Some are complex, many are sad, but all of them get better the minute they arrive at the Virginia Beach SPCA. Leroy came to the shelter when his family was moving and couldn’t take him with them. For Tasha, it was love at first sight – she saw him on our website and was immediately smitten. Once Tasha and Leroy met in July 2017, there was no turning back.

How did you find Leroy and/or how did you know Leroy was the one for you?

About two years prior, my dog passed away. I was starting to get the itch for a new bud and I started checking the VBSPCA webpage every few weeks. I figured Leroy would be scooped up immediately, but when I called they told me he had a cough and was not taking visitors. I waited the seven days and visited him the day he was “released”. The first thing I noticed was his energy. I went back the next day and took him outside with the tennis ball and never looked back.

How is Leroy doing in the home? 

Leroy has been the PERFECT dog since day one. Crate trained, well behaved, fun, snuggly. He’s the epitome of a little best bud.

What sort of activities do you and Leroy do together? 

Leroy has a TON of energy. We run and walk A LOT. His favorites include: car rides, trail runs at First Landing, chasing the ball for hours, swimming, and snuggling. Whenever we go on an adventure, Leroy comes too!

Does Leroy have any funny quirks? 

Leroy’s best quirk is his need to snuggle CLOSELY and UNDER the covers. If there’s a blanket on the couch, he will get himself positioned just right under it. When we let him on the bed, he will inch his way under all of the bedding. He must be as close as possible at all times.

Why do you think people should consider adopting a pet from a shelter? 

There are SO many amazing dogs just waiting to be taken home and loved. Our shelter dog has changed our life just as much as we changed his. Adopt before you shop!