Tag: Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight — Marian Childress

This month we would like to spotlight the late Marian Childress, a dedicated animal welfare advocate and endangered species conservationist who passed away on August 23rd, 2020. Marian volunteered with the Virginia Beach SPCA for many years, and… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight — Community Service

At the VBSPCA, we believe that every person and animal deserves a second chance, and we are proud to offer volunteer opportunities to those fulfilling court ordered community service hours. Community Service Volunteers provide vital support to our… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight — Joanne Emerson

Joanne Emerson has been an amazing behind-the-scenes volunteer with the VBSPCA since 2016. She washes dishes in the kennel multiple days a week, which gives our animal care technicians more time to make sure our canine friends are… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight — Valerie Custer

Valerie has been fostering animals for the VBSPCA since 2012, and she has helped us save the lives of over 150 animals! Fosters play a very important role in the VBSPCA’s mission, and we are very lucky to… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight — Patricia Gee

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when your subjects can’t speak for themselves. Our animals rely heavily on our volunteer photographers to capture their best moments so they can find forever homes. Patricia Gee is one… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight — Bob Schirmer

This month we are highlighting Bob, a valued volunteer who makes a big difference in the lives of our shelter dogs. The VBSPCA relies heavily on volunteer service to provide care for all of our animals, and we… Read More

November Volunteer Spotlight — Donna Schnaars

Why did you decide to volunteer at the VBSPCA? I started volunteering here because I signed my husband up, and after he passed away, I enjoyed it so much I stuck with it. That was in the summer… Read More

October Volunteer Spotlight

In which area of the VBSPCA do you volunteer? I started out cleaning the boxes in the cattery, and eventually I started cleaning the colonies which is what I enjoy the most. Why did you choose to volunteer… Read More