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Cat Carrier Training Tips

There is nothing more frustrating than getting your cat inside their carrier and your furry friend sneaks its way out while you are closing it up. If you want to put your cat in its carrier without a… Read More

Manners Matter — Teaching Your Dog Polite Greetings

At some point, everyone has been greeted by an excited, jumping dog. This can happen with an overzealous puppy who may have forgotten their manners, and it can even happen with older dogs who are simply excited to… Read More

Cat Body Language Basics

Cats are amazing animals and great companions, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what your cat is trying to tell you if you don’t know what you’re looking for! The good news is that cats… Read More

Feces, Urine, and Litter Oh My — A Guide to Litterbox Issues

Litter box issues can be one of the most trying times for cat owners. However, there is always a cause, and many times issues can be easily fixed with a little bit of patience and dedication.  Before you… Read More

Pet Academy Provides Great Resources For Owners Looking For Help

The Virginia Beach SPCA is dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond and building life-long companionships. The Pet Academy was designed with this in mind and offers a variety of different resources for pet parents – from behavioral training… Read More

Prepping Your Pup: How to Get Your New Friend Ready For Class

It is a common misconception that there are age limitations to training our canine family members. A dog is never too young or too old to learn a new trick. But, before you get started, here are a… Read More