Be Kind with Your Line

Be Kind with Your Line is an environmental initiative that the VBSPCA has been spearheading for more than a decade. Birds and other marine life can become entangled when trash and fishing line are left behind in our area’s waterways, which can lead to injuries, suffering, and death. For example, this heron in this photo was found entangled in fishing line and unable to move. He had likely been there for a few days, and he was cold, wet, and near death. The heron was safely retrieved from the water, cut away from the line, and brought to the VBSPCA where he was stabilized. He was then transported to a rehabilitator who nursed him back to health and released him back into the wild.

The Be Kind With Your Line Earth Day virtual initiative encourages members of the community to clean up our waterways and prevent the suffering that can come from discarded fishing line, trash, and debris.

Here are ways you can get involved with our Earth Day inspired efforts:

  1. During the week of April 17th-April 23rd, participate in your own cleanup efforts and share your experience on social media. Be sure to tag @vbspca in your posts and use #bekindwithyourline.
  2. Send any photos of debris collected between April 17th and April 23rd to marketing@vbspca.com so we can show the collective effort of this initiative. We are better when we work together.
  3. Want to get your children involved? Click here for our Earth Day Bingo activity.

Our local wildlife depends on us to be on the lookout for these dangers 365 days a year. Just remember to be careful, be responsible, and be safe!