Vaccine Clinic Pricing

Pricing as of 07/25/2023

Exam Charges

Vaccine Clinic Exam $25
Unaltered Vaccine Clinic Fee $15
(Unaltered vaccine clinic patients accepted on the Neuter Scooter ONLY. All other patients will be required to pre-pay for a spay/neuter at the time of check-in).


Rabies/DHPP Combo $43
DHPP $24
Rabies $24
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) $24
Leptospirosis $24

Rabies/FVRCP Combo $43
PureVax Rabies $24
Feline Leukemia $23

Medical Tests

Heartworm Test $18
FeLV/FIV Combo Test $28


Nail Trim $20
Express Anal Glands $18

Clinic Services

Deworming $10 & up
Microchip (Home Again) $27

Additional Service Fees

Aggressive Animal Fee $20 extra

Preventatives Sold

*Price dependent on the weight of the pet.

Revolution: Flea & Heartworm prevention (Feline and Puppies Only)
Revolution (6 months) $80-92
Revolution Single Dose $20

Bravecto for Cats: Flea Prevention, 3mo dose (Feline Only)
Bravecto Single Dose (3 months) $48-56

Bravecto: Flea & Tick Prevention, 3mo Dose (Canine Only)
Bravecto single dose (3 months) $60-64

Triheart: Heartworm Prevention (Canine Only)
Triheart Plus (6 months) $34-54
Triheart Plus Single Dose $7-10

Sentinel: Heartworm Prevention (Canine Only)
Sentinel (6 Months) $45-61
Sentinel Single Dose $10-15

Proheart 12: 12 mo. Heartworm Prevention (Canine Only)
Proheart Injection (12 Months) $65-225

All prices are subject to change.