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Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals            
3040 Holland Road, Virginia Beach, VA  23453-2610             

Compensated:  Dia DuVernet, President & Chief Executive Officer                     

2015 - 2016             
Board of Directors Directory             
(Not Compensated)            
Board Officers:             

Trish Blue (President)      
Scott Taylor (Vice President)      
Ryan Ferguson (Secretary)      
John Wallace (Treasurer)       

Board Members:     

D. Allen Cheek
Nancy Crockett
Todd Eichman      
Maria Ellmer             
Jan Fine      
Suzanne Gravitt      
Natalie Griffin, DVM      
Donna Kinney         
Brad Kuether      
Angie Lombardi           
Elissa Frantz Pierson
Tom Sheppard
Maureen Sigmund       
Jane Smith Wolcott             

Honorary Board: 

Tom Ammons
Marry Reid Barrow
Sandra Baylor
Ramon Breeden
Katherine Coughlin
Emily Franklin
Suzanne Gooch

Ben Hancock
Jane Hofferbert

Cheryl McLeskey
Elly Mladick
Corinne Powers
John Richardson
Ed Roehm
Dave Stephens
Terry Stevens
Charity Volman
Susan Wagner
Polly Watson 


Leadership Team:

Lacy KullerVice President and CFO
Kim Sherlaw, Vice President of Philanthropy
Dr. Allison Genovese, Medical Director
Barbara Gipson, Wildlife and Special Projects Director
Emily Peck, Clinic and Facilities Director
Kathy Shambo, Director of Humane Education
Jenny Teed, Director of Shelter Operations