Why we do what we do + a video that will make you smile

Riddick, a 10 year old senior cat, first arrived at the shelter in May of 2018. He has special needs, and his owner could no longer afford his care. Riddick spent 8 long months in the shelter until he was finally adopted by a loving family. Sadly, he was returned only a few months later.

But our dedicated staff did not give up on him. For 6 more months, Riddick received patient, committed care to keep him healthy and engaged while he waited for the right family to choose him. And one finally did. After a combined 13 months of shelter living, Riddick is now living with his forever family. 

Such is the case with Hazel, another cat who spent 330 days in the shelter. And Ares, a sweet Terrier mix who spent 150 days in our care. And, Simon a Collie mix who was with us for 121 days. And Socrates, a beautiful McCaw who spent 75 days in our shelter. After waiting for many months, all were happily adopted into loving homes.

Approximately 3,000 domestic pets, 1,500 wildlife, and 12,000 public clinic patients rely on the VBSPCA every single year. Additionally, thousands of children receive humane education through the VBSPCA, and our clinic team performs over 4,900 spay/neuters to battle animal homelessness in our area. We are proud of our numbers, and we are grateful to our loyal supporters who make this significant impact achievable. 

If you are not yet a member, please consider joining our cause. VBSPCA memberships provide the kind of dependable support that our organization, and animals, rely on. It only takes is $10 a month (or $120 a year), plus there are some great perks… including discounts on events, youth programs, and even adoptions.

For more information or to sign up, click here.

For more inspiration on how your support will help the animals, watch our 2019 annual video below. Thanks to all who join our mission and make second chances possible. We thank you, and Riddick thanks you.