February 2020 Volunteer Spotlight — Patricia Gee

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when your subjects can’t speak for themselves. Our animals rely heavily on our volunteer photographers to capture their best moments so they can find forever homes. Patricia Gee is one of our photographers and she helps us year round with our campaign portraits, holiday themed photoshoots, and even our catalog product pictures. Read more about why she loves volunteering below!

How did you get involved at the VBSPCA?
We adopted our beautiful cat four years ago from VBSPCA. I couldn’t help but think of those that were not adopted. I sent out an email offering my assistance with photography and how I wanted to “shed” some light on the older pets that don’t receive much attention. I was so overjoyed to receive a response.

What is your favorite part of animal photography?
One, I get to be around these pets that are full of love and of course so adorable.
Two, I get to work with some compassionate and smart people.

Has there ever been an animal or an event that has been memorable to you?
Yes! I had the honor of photographing the Robey family along with a few of their foster pups. I couldn’t believe how many they have fostered. As we shot in their backyard, I had a chance to see their interaction as a family and how wonderful they were with the pups. It was clear the pups brought them happiness as well as them to the pups. The kind of stuff that books and movies are made of!

Why should someone with a creative talent like photography volunteer at the VBSPCA?
Sometimes those with creative talents bring new ideas and think outside the box. It also makes a huge difference in the ability to think creatively when you have support and encouragement from your peers. The VBSPCA staff has always been enthusiastic and attentive as we discuss the creative process, which has made my whole experience here a joy.

To see Patricia’s work visit: bypatriciagee.myportfolio.com

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit www.vbspca.com/volunteer for more information.