April 2020 Volunteer Spotlight — Mia

Our Junior Volunteers are superheroes who work thousands of hours every year to make sure the shelter and humane education programs have the support they need. We caught up with Mia, one of our awesome JVs, and she answered a few questions about why she enjoys volunteering at the VBSPCA!

Why did you decide to become a junior volunteer?

I decided to become a junior volunteer because I wanted to be able to help the VBSPCA staff in any way I could. My main tasks are making sure donations are going to the right place, folding laundry and folding newspapers for the puppies. I also decided to become a junior volunteer because I want to help in the effort of getting homeless animals adopted.

Why is it important to get involved in volunteer work as young as possible?

Getting involved when you’re my age means you can learn about what happens at an animal shelter everyday and really get hands-on experience in the animal welfare world. Even if you’re helping with simple tasks like donations or laundry, you learn the responsibility of making sure everything gets done the right way, which ends up having a huge impact on how the shelter runs!

Favorite adoptable animal and why?

My favorite type of adoptable animal is a dog because they are fun to take care of. Puppies are a lot of work to train, but they are so cute!

What is one thing you want people to know about the VBSPCA?

I want people to know that there are many animals in the shelter that need to be adopted. I always feel like the cats and dogs want a safe home so bad and it makes me sad knowing I can’t adopt all the animals in the shelter because I already have pets at home. That’s why I want to encourage the community to adopt from the VBSPCA!