VBSPCA Pet Supplies and Adoption Center

After 4 years of delivering our mission through our Providence Square location, we are closing the VBSPCA Pet Supplies and Adoption Center doors and moving all people, pets, and products back to the main shelter on Holland Road. The doors will close permanently on September 30. For more information on these changes, you can read about them here.

Animals are no longer available at this location, and all retail products are marked down by 40%. Please stop by and pick up some great products at great prices. Note our modified operating hours below:

Modified Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Sunday: 11am-5pm, Monday: Closed
Address: 983 Providence Square Shopping Center, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone Number: (757) 427-0071
Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have been dedicated to supporting our mission by shopping at this location. We hope to see you at our main shelter location at 3040 Holland Road, where we will continue to provide quality products to benefit your beloved pets while also supporting the homeless pets of the Virginia Beach SPCA.