The VBSPCA shelter and clinic are fully operational and our modified operations are listed below.  We are focused on remaining operational so we can continue to be a resource for the community. As new information surfaces, we will continue to adapt to the situation keeping the health of our community as our main concern. Please check back regularly for updates.

Ongoing Modifications to VBSPCA Operations 

  • Spay/Neuter Surgeries available: Due to the elective surgery ban being lifted, we are resuming spay/neuter surgeries for public pets. Please visit vbspca.com/clinic or call 427-0070, option 2 to set up an appointment and we will get you in to our soonest available appointment.
  • Open to Accept Transfers: Our shelter is open to accept transfer animals. If your shelter or rescue needs assistance, please email us at info@vbspca.com.
  • Neuter Scooter Available to Help: We are looking to assist nursing homes and retirement communities with resident pet care. If you have residents in your facility who are in need of veterinary services for their pet, please contact the Clinic Director, Shiona Attenweiler, at Shiona.Attenweiler@vbspca.com
  • Modified Clinic Client Income Restrictions: The VBSPCA Low Cost Clinic has modified their income restrictions to ensure that veterinary care is accessible to anyone who has lost their job or is struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have been financially impacted and need medical care for your pet, please visit vbspca.com/clinic or call 427-0070, option 2 to set up an appointment.
  • Updated Clinic Hours: The clinic will now be closing at 5pm on Wednesday and 1pm on Saturday. All other hours remain the same. 
  • New Clinic Appointments Available: The VBSPCA clinic has opened up appointments in their schedule to accommodate new and existing clients. Urgent Care appointments are also available to new and existing clients. Call 427-0070, option 2 for more information or to schedule your appointment. 
  • Spay/Neuters and Non-Essential Surgeries Temporarily Postponed: All public spay/neuter and non-essential surgeries are postponed until further notice. All PPE will be used for emergency and critical surgeries only. 
  • Adoptions, relinquishments, and visitations by appointment only: We are limiting the number of guests in our shelter to no more than 10, so we are no longer accommodating walk-in shelter guests to our facility. To set up an appointment, please email info@vbspca.com or call 757-427-0070 ext 101. If you are late by more than 15 minutes, you will have to reschedule. Please note that we are no longer accepting animal visitation appointments through facebook.
  • Walk Up Vaccine Clinics are now open to all medical professionals: These clinics are offered on Mondays and Saturdays at the VBSPCA clinic. Please ensure you are practicing social distancing or waiting curbside if you come to these appointments. For the upcoming schedule, click here.  
  • No Facebook Appointments: If you would like to make an appointment to visit with animals or to relinquish an animal, please note that we are no longer accepting appointments through Facebook. All appointment requests must come through email at info@vbspca.com or via phone at 757-427-0070 ext 101. 
  • Masks: All VBSPCA staff will be wearing masks from this point forward. If you have a mask at home, please wear it when you come to our facility. 
  • Wildlife: The VBSPCA can only accept INJURED WILDLIFE. We are encouraging the community to review our wildlife page to learn about baby wildlife and when human intervention is actually needed. Being aware of the facts can prevent unnecessary suffering for the animals and preserve critical clinic resources.
  • Volunteer Updates: We are not accepting or training any new volunteers at this time. Junior volunteer and Community service volunteer opportunities are postponed until further notice. Only experienced adult volunteers are permitted in the shelter. Please email volunteer@vbspca.com if you have any questions. 
  • Cancellations: All Events, Neuter Scooter dates, Pet Academy classes are cancelled until further notice. The VBSPCA Wags and Whiskers Gala has been postponed to June 20th. Click here for more information.
  • No Used Donations accepted: We will not be accepting any used items at this time. This includes newspapers, towels, and linens. Any donated used items will be taken directly to the trash, so please do not drop them off at the shelter.\
  • A Message from our CEO: Please read a message from our CEO here.
  • VBSPCA COVID-19 Position Statement: The Virginia Beach SPCA shelter and clinic are essential community resources that provide lifesaving care for homeless and owned animals. Our services are dedicated to both the people and pets of our community, and we will continue to provide services in an effort to save lives, complete families, and lift spirits during this time of crisis. With the support of our regional animal welfare and animal control organizations, we can focus on animal-related community concerns while human services organizations can maintain focus on immediate human health needs. We are in this together, and we will continue to do our part in keeping our community healthy and safe. 


Emergency Pet Resources

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What measures are the shelter and clinic taking to help prevent the spread of the virus? Our organization uses medical grade sanitizers to prevent the spread of disease throughout our animal populations, and we will continue to use those throughout our facility. We are sanitizing all counters, door handles, restrooms, and public surfaces throughout the day. Any staff who is ill is encouraged to stay home until free and clear of all symptoms. We are also asking any staff who can work remotely to do so. 

Can animals get or carry the virus? Watch our video where Medical Director Dr. Ann Marie Woyma discusses this topicTo ensure that you are prepared in case you do get sick, download our planning guide hereFor more information, visit https://www.avma.org/resources-tools/animal-health-and-welfare/covid-19

Will the Neuter Scooter remain in service? Not at this time. 

Can I cancel my appointment in the clinic? You can reschedule your appointment without incurring a fee. If you or someone in your household is sick or has been exposed to the virus, please reschedule your appointment. However, if you are well and feel safe bringing your animal in, we encourage you to do so. Please know that we will only keep our clinic open if we are able to provide a safe environment for you and your animal. If you are uncomfortable waiting in our clinic lobby, let the Client Service Representative know that you will wait for your appointment outdoors. 

Is there anything else I can do to help? Financial donations will be critical as we navigate this time of uncertainty. Our income will be severely impacted if people are unable to adopt animals or utilize our clinic services, however our expenses will not decrease. We will also be greatly impacted by the postponement of our annual gala, a major fundraising event for our organization. Without financial support from the community, we will rapidly find ourselves in a potentially damaging financial situation. If you are in a position to provide support during this difficult time, you can make a donation below.  

Support the continued care of our animals

As these uncertain times sweep through our country, we must not forget about those who can’t help themselves. If you have the capacity to give, please consider sponsoring the care of one of our shelter animals. They need you now more than ever.

  • $10 will sponsor the care of an animal for one day
  • $70 will sponsor the care of an animal for one week
  • $300 will sponsor the care of an animal for one month
  • $3650 will sponsor the care of an animal for one year.

Their second chance starts with us, but their forever is because of you.