Turn Your Compassion Into Action

All Coal had ever known was the inside of his outdoor pen. For years, he woke up and fell asleep inside the same four chain- linked walls. His fur was heavily matted and infested with fleas. No one cared for him or gave him any comforts … he had been forgotten.

This is a common reality for so many animals, and we take pride in knowing that their lives get better the minute they walk through our doors. Thank you to Danville Humane Society and PETA for rescuing this sweet pup and bringing him to the VBSPCA where our staff could give Coal the care and attention he needed to find his way back to trust and happiness. 

The Virginia Beach SPCA is a safety net for innocent animals like Coal. With your support, we can shelter them, heal them, and — most of all — love them. And when they’re ready, we find them homes with families who will cherish them. 

When you donate to the Virginia Beach SPCA, you’re taking your compassion and turning it into action. Will you make a donation today in honor of Coal and the many thousands of animals who will find themselves in our shelter in need of care and attention?

The simple act of making a gift will give neglected animals the chance to come back from pain and suffering. Your compassion will change their lives.