Strategic Vision 2023

Plan for the future, adapt for today’s new normal.

Financial- The Viability of the Organization: Develop and expand resources to operate in a financially sustainable manner.

  • Execute with a balanced budget.
  • Increase annual contribution by 5% per year through 2023
  • Achieve topline revenue goal of $5 million- 3% increase per annum.

Customer Focus- The Sustainability of the Organization: Create long term ambassadors and loyal supporters.

  • Cultivate shareholder interaction into long term relationships year over year.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 10%.
  • Incorporate partnerships in animal welfare throughout the region

Internal Business Processes-The Productivity of the Organization: Implement operational efficiencies with integrated department/personnel and technological resources

  • Develop and improve SOP’s annually to provide the highest level of care for the greatest number of animals
  • Maintain live release rate >90% annually
  • Allocate and optimize resources in current facility
  • Maximize use of tools and technology to improve operational efficiencies and communications to reduce costs by 2% annually.

Learning and Growth-The Vitality of the Organization: Recruit, develop, and retain skilled team members dedicated to our organization and our mission.

  • Reduce turnover by 3% annually
  • Implement continuing education by role to include values based leadership training, time management, conflict resolution, fiscal accountability, technical training.
  • Career pathing and leadership succession planning
  • Build robust associate recognition and reward program

If you would like to learn more about our Strategic Vision, please contact development@vbspca.com