Pet Talks

Welcome to our brand new Pet Talks! These talks are 40-50 minute discussions on various animal training topics led by our expert on Feline and Canine Behavior. These talks aim to aid pet owners with training and enriching the lives of their animals. Keep an eye out as these topics will be alternating frequently. All Pet Talks are for pet parents only and no pets are allowed at the event. Staff pets or shelter animals will be used for demonstration when necessary. All Pet Talks include light refreshments.


January 12th | 4pm to 5pm: Introducing New Pets to Resident Pets – Register here. 
Looking to add a new furry family member to your family and are unsure how to introduce them to your existing furry family member(s)? This Pet Talk is for you! Our Animal Introduction talk will go over reading canine body language, and the best ways to introduce your new furry family member to your existing one(s). Focuses on introducing Canines to other Canines and Canines to Felines.



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