Pet Academy Provides Great Resources For Owners Looking For Help

The Virginia Beach SPCA is dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond and building life-long companionships. The Pet Academy was designed with this in mind and offers a variety of different resources for pet parents – from behavioral training to obedience training to enrichment and education. Our trainers have years of experience and are ready to share their knowledge with the community! 

What’s New?

Pet Talks

These interactive lectures are designed to help pet parents learn great techniques to strengthen the bond with their pet. Each lecture covers a new topic, and our trainers are helped by some of our shelter friends who will show the tips in action! Click here to register or to find out more information.

Behavior Support Line

If there is an issue with your pet and you’re starting to think that surrendering your animal is the only option, our helpline is here to save the day! This helpline is dedicated to keeping pets in homes. Send in your questions and concerns to behaviorsupport@vbspca.com and a certified pet companion trainer will contact you. 

Private Training

Private training provides customized plans for each individual animal’s needs. We work with both dogs and cats, and our trainers can work with any issue. Click here to register. 

Other Resources

Group Training

This is a great resource for both puppies and adult dogs who need basic obedience training and socialization. Click here for more information.

Reactive Rover

Dogs that have a history of reacting in various situations would benefit greatly from this workshop designed specifically to work on reaction skills. Click here to register.

What else?

Pet parents can look forward to educational training articles posted right here on our website. We are building a library of resources, so check back regularly for the latest in pet training news!

What People Are Saying

“Rainey Storm and I had a great session today with Shana. We worked on things to do to prevent her barking when excited and her loose leash walking. Shana was full of tips and gave us great homework to do… I highly recommend VBSPCA Pet Academy for dogs of all ages and their humans.”

“Virginia Beach SPCA Pet Academy was instrumental in teaching me the tools I needed to work with Piper and the communication skills necessary to work with each other. I learned a lot of great tips. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend their pet training classes.”

“Usually Prince acts up when we go to the groomers. He’s always barking at the males and anyone who walks past him. Well, this weekend we went to the groomers and he got compliments on his behavior… We used the “leave it” command and he did great. Not only is he doing good out in public, but he’s also doing great at home. He rarely gets ahold of anything on the table, and when we use the “off” command, he stops what he’s doing. He also has gone down a pound and is still working on losing more!!! I can’t thank you ladies enough for everything.”