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Yuuki remains the Top Dog, and his game remains intact, receiving National Award along with the VBSPCA!

 Virginia Beach, VA Yuuki, a handsome, neutered, and happily adopted Chihuahua, received top marks for his game at the 2015 SAWA (Society of Animal Welfare Administrators) Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida this past week. The Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VBSPCA) was approached and asked to submit Yuuki’s Public Service Announcement, appropriately entitled: “Still Got Game” for the Shelter Showcase Contest sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and was awarded the top prize of the Judge’s Award. The judging panel was comprised of Marketing Experts from across the nation.

Fellow conference attendees also raved about the success of the Public Service Announcement, which promotes spay and neuter of pets. Thomas Trask of Scenic Route Media filmed and produced the video for the VBSPCA, and was thrilled with the public’s and the panel’s response to the video.

To say Yuuki was flattered is quite an understatement. When asked for an official statement, Yuuki simply referred to his video and explained that it speaks for itself…the VBSPCA agreed.


Check out the PSA campaign below: