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VBSPCA Alumni Inspires Children’s Book




Beagle-Mix Basil, now named Harry Potter inspired What They Said a book penned by his new mom, Allyn Leftridge Howard.

Allyn shared his story on our Facebook page:

April 2015 we decided it was time to add to the family-off we went to VBSPCA. My 9 year old son fell in love with a beagle mix named Basil. Basil and his siblings were taken away from a bad situation. They were first at the pound and then re-rescued by the VBSPCA. Basil was very skinny and afraid of his own shadow. Not the first "puppy" experience I thought my son would like. Nonetheless, he was in love. Even though Basil, (renamed Harry Potter) wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with us--too scared to do anything. He was pretty much a shut down soul! 

My son slept on the floor by his crate every night (he had just been neutered so he was in the crate). Then Harry finally moved himself upstairs to our playroom and hardly moved from that room he was so scared. We had to pick him up to take him outside to pee and hand feed him sometimes because he would not move to eat out of his bowl. Just pitiful. 

Fast forward to June 2015. It clicked! Harry got it and figured out this was a loving and safe space. I think the change happened when the whole family started sleeping on the sofa with him (thank God it is a huge sectional!). Now we have a happy dog who runs to greet us when we come home, loves snuggling and treats, is a hoot at doggy daycare and was potty and command trained in 2 weeks after he got used to us! 

We could not have asked for a better dog. As my son said, "Mom, we just have to love him through this!"


Purchase her book here, and $1 will be donated to the Virginia Beach SPCA!