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Friday, September 14 - 12:16 pm 

All locations will remain closed on Friday, September 14th. All VBSPCA locations will be open and return to normal hours beginning Saturday, September 15th. 


Wednesday, September 12 - 5:30 pm 

Over the past 48 hours, we made preparations to evacuate all of our animal residents to a secure location on higher ground. Susan Browney, owner of Golden Slippers Dance Studios and a dedicated VBSPCA supporter, generously opened up one of her dance studio locations as an emergency shelter for our 290 animal residents. We are so grateful for Susan’s support.

However, after the latest forecast, we have decided not to evaluate our animals and we will ride out the storm at our Holland Road location. All VBSPCA locations will remain closed on Thursday and Friday. The clinic will reopen on Saturday and the Vaccine Clinic is back on the schedule. 

The shelter will plan to open for normal business hours on Saturday., however we will not be able to confirm a reopen until we see what the storm brings. Check back on Friday for updates to the shelter schedule. 

Our Wildlife Program will remain closed throughout the weekend and will reopen on Monday morning. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife over the weekend, please contact Bay Beach Veterinary Clinic. 

Thank you to all the foster families, volunteers, and community members who stepped in to help our animals and our staff. It is incredibly inspiring to see so many people pull together in a time of need.

Stay safe and we will update again tomorrow.  


Wednesday, September 12 - 1:50 PM

The Vaccine Clinic schedule for Saturday, September 15th will still take place as scheduled. 


Tuesday, September 11 - 3:00 pm

In preparation for the storm, we will be implementing some temporary changes to our operating hours:

  • The VBSPCA main shelter on Holland Road will be closed starting Wednesday, September 12 and lasting through the weekend. However, if you have a pending application, we encourage you to bring in all documents and supplies tomorrow between 2pm and 6pm so we can process the adoption and you can take your new pet home.  
  • The VBSPCA Pet Supplies and Adoption Center will be closed starting today, September 11th, and lasting through the weekend. 
  • The VBSPCA clinic will be open on Wednesday and will be closed Thursday through Sunday. The Vaccine clinic scheduled for Saturday afternoon has been cancelled and the Neuter Scooter has rescheduled all weekend commitments. Check back for new dates.  
  • Happy Paws will be temporarily closed starting today. 
  • The VBSPCA Wildlife program will suspend operations until Monday. Keep your eye out for updates regarding post-storm wildlife needs. 

Additionally, if you are a current VBSPCA foster family who is in a safe zone and you have room to take in an extra animal, please contact Cat Walker.

We will also be posting a wish list of volunteer needs and animal care items. Please check back later for updates. 

Lastly, if you are evacuating and need to find a pet friendly hotel, you can find information on the following websites:

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you stay safe!


Monday, September 10, 2018 - 9:00 am

While we are still a few days away from knowing how this storm will play out, the Virginia Beach SPCA is actively making preparations for all scenarios. The VBSPCA has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States to make necessary preparations to keep our shelter animals safe in the event of an evacuation scenario. As we keep our eye on Florence, we will continue to post any updates regarding operating hours and community needs. This page will serve as our informational hub, where we will post all updates in regards to Hurricane Florence. You will be able to access this page from the bottom of our home page.

Below are several resources to help you prepare. Please share the attached documents with your friends, family members, and neighbors.

VBSPCA Disaster Preparedness
Pet Disaster Preparedness Kit
Virginia Beach City Evacuation Guide

The most important thing for all pet owners to keep in mind is the following:
IF IT IS NOT SAFE FOR YOU, IT IS NOT SAFE FOR YOUR PETS! If you decide to seek shelter, whether in your home or elsewhere via evacuation, please make arrangements to take your pet(s) with you. Pet friendly hotels can be found at the links below:

In the event that Virginia Beach is directly impacted by Florence, The Virginia Beach Animal Care & Control Center (341 S. Birdneck Road) is the primary shelter to provide foster care or shelter for pets in an emergency. It is important to note that Animal Control facility will not open up their facility, or any additional side-by-side human/pet shelters to receive public pets, until given approval by the City Director. All public shelters are available only to those pets whose families are under mandatory evacuation orders, and only in a Category One or Category Two hurricane. A stronger storm will force us to evacuate our shelters entirely. Please contact the City of Virginia Beach with specific questions regarding temporary pet and/or human sheltering.

Click here for moreinformation on emergency sheltering at the Virginia Beach Animal Care & Control Center.

Another major concern is in regards to wildlife. With any serious storm, we expect a large number of baby birds and squirrels to be displaced due to high winds and driving rain. Most wildlife is found immediately following the storm when people go out to clean up their yards so please consider walking your yards and neighborhood once the weather lightens up to search for any downed baby birds and mammals.  If you find something then please carefully pick it up (with gloves, or without) and place in a small box (shoe boxes work great) lined with a small hand towel. Ensure you have air holes in the box then immediately call the VBSPCA Wildlife Referral line at 757-263-4762 for information. Our volunteers cover this line 24/7 and will give you instructions on where to take the animal for medical attention. Any animal found on the ground that you are able to catch is in need of medical attention! Lastly, please be cautious as personal safety should always come first!

As an organization, The Virginia Beach SPCA will remain vigilant as the storm moves closer. If there are any major new developments we will continue to communicate our plan through email, the website and Facebook.

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