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Money to support transferred dogs from southern shelters through the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride relocation program through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals! 

Virginia Beach, VA – January 21, 2016—The Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VBSPCA) has been partnering with other area shelters by transferring pets into their care for adoption. In early May 2015, the VBSPCA partnered with the ASPCA through the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride relocation program, which sets up routine live animal transports to relocate adoptable dogs in need form the Southeast to the Northeast by partnering with certain destination partners. The VBSPCA was thrilled at the opportunity and has since transferred in 56 animals through this program, all of which have been adopted or are currently awaiting adoption at the VBSPCA.

Throughout December, the ASPCA awarded the VBSPCA over $10,000 in grant funding to support the medical needs of all animals transferred through the program. In November, 2015 the VBSPCA received $1,500 to be used for spay/neuter, vaccination shots, and preventative medication for transfer animals, as well as any other medical needs for these animals; then in December, 2015 the VBSPCA received an additional $9,300 to provide the abovementioned care that the transfer dogs require.

The program has proven to be quite a success since. In May, 2015 when the initial transport took place through the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride program, news outlets throughout Hampton Roads featured the story. One of the animals featured on air was also promoted on the VBSPCA Facebook page, and a family fell in love with the dog. They rushed to the VBSPCA to visit her and the rest is history! Sam (photo above) now lives the good life with her new family, who claim: “Sam is a beautiful, loving and affectionate dog, and we are very fortunate she found us.”