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Hurricane Arthur

VBSPCA Update 7/3/2014


Hurricane Arthur continues to gain strength as it heads toward the coast of North Carolina and begins making its way north, toward the Tidewater area. Attached are the three documents, created by the Virginia Beach SPCA, regarding Hurricane Preparedness for Pets, The City of Virginia Beach Pet Disaster Plan and Response to Wildlife. Please feel free to share the attached documents with your friends, family members and neighbors.


Our main concern with this particular storm, in relation to the Virginia Beach SPCA, will be in regards to wildlife. We are expecting a large number of baby birds to be displaced due to high winds and driving rain. Most wildlife is found immediately following the storm when people go out to clean up their yards so please consider walking your yards and neighborhood once the weather lightens up to search for any downed baby birds and mammals.  If you find something then please carefully pick it up (with gloves, or without) and place in a small box (shoe boxes work great) lined with a small hand towel.  Ensure you have air holes in the box then immediately call the VBSPCA Wildlife Referral line at 757-263-4762 for information.  Our volunteers cover this line 24/7 and will give you instructions on where to take the animal for medical attention.  Any animal found on the ground that you are able to catch is in need of medical attention! Lastly, please be cautious as personal safety should always come first!


As an organization, The Virginia Beach SPCA will remain vigilant as the storm moves closer. If there are any major new developments we will continue to communicate our plan through email, the website and Facebook. Thank you for your continued support & we hope that everyone stays safe during the storm!