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The Virginia Beach SPCA, Chesapeake Humane Society and Norfolk SPCA held a grand opening for our new collaborative project Happy Paws on Wednesday, May 27th. In attendance were staff, volunteers and board members from each organization as well as elected officials; Virginia Beach May Will Sessoms, Chesapeake Mayor Alan Krasnoff and Norfolk Vice-Mayor Angelia Williams. 

Happy Paws is a collaborative effort of the Chesapeake Humane Society, Norfolk SPCA and Virginia Beach SPCA.  The three shelters will market the center to pet owners contacting them for assistance and advice.  Their collective vision is all pets in Hampton Roads living in loving forever homes.  

Happy Paws is made possible by a $162,736 grant from the Alfred L. Nicholson Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.  “Since 1998, the community foundation has kept alive the memory of Captain Nicholson, an advocate for better lives for animals, by providing grants in his name to these three shelters.  I think Captain Nicholson would be thrilled to see them working together on this training center that will bring joy to both animals and their families,” says Deborah M. DiCroce, president of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. 

Research shows that behavior issues are among the most frequent reasons that people surrender their pets to shelters. Happy Paws will serve as a proactive effort to prevent relinquishments to already-overburdened shelters.  Currently, tens of thousands of animals are surrendered every year to shelters in Hampton Roads.


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