Holiday Fund Drive

The VBSPCA Holiday Fund Drive is dedicated to the Miracle Medical Fund, which provides lifesaving care to homeless animals. Medical treatment can be very costly and is often a deterrent to potential adopters. The VBSPCA Miracle Medical Fund is in place to help offset those costs, making adoptions possible for animals who so desperately need a second chance. In this season of giving, please consider supporting this fund to help future animals find their happily ever after.

Meet some of our special Miracle Medical Ambassadors from 2019…

When Baby arrived at the VBSPCA, his leg was badly broken and it had been for some time. He was clearly neglected and suffered greatly in the hands of his previous owners.  Baby needed costly surgery to remove his leg and free him from his painful past. Thankfully, the Miracle Medical Fund was there to offset the expenses of the surgery, making Baby’s second chance a reality. Baby is now living his happily ever after, freed from his past and surrounded by love.


When Nelson arrived at the VBSPCA last October. He had been in an accident and was badly burned with open wounds on his ears and neck. His body was slow to respond to the medicine which made his outlook grim, but staff was committed to his care. He remained on medical hold for a couple of months, which gave him time to recover and heal. Finally, after lots of waiting, Nelson was adopted by the perfect family and he is now living his best life. Nelson is a legend around the VBSPCA, as shows that animals can come from a traumatic past and still have a heart of gold. 

This holiday season, please consider giving a gift to the Miracle Medical Fund and securing second chances for the animals of the VBSPCA.