Healing a Broken Heart — How You Can Help Save Heartworm Positive Dogs

Justice’s Story
Heartworm disease affects over one million dogs in the United States, and we see many of these dogs come to our shelter in hopes of getting a second chance. Such was the case with Justice, who was surrendered by her owner in January. She had contracted heartworms and was in the most advanced stage of the disease that could still be treated with medication.
However, heartworm medication is extremely expensive. While our shelter tries to make adoption prices as affordable as possible, Justice’s medication costs alone were estimated to be almost $500.

After sharing her story on social media, a community member stepped in and offered to help. She generously paid the full price for Justice’s treatment, and she did this in honor of her beloved pet Romeo who had recently passed away. She knew how important animals are in the lives of humans and wanted to guarantee that Justice would be given the chance to make an impact in a family’s life. While Justice is still waiting to be adopted, she has already started her medication and is on the road to a full recovery.

What Are Heartworms
While heartworms are easily prevented, they are also easily contracted. If an animal is not on heartworm prevention medication, a simple mosquito bite can transmit the disease and give your pet a potentially fatal diagnosis. If your pet is bitten and does not have protection, microscopic larvae will enter the bloodstream and eventually end up in the heart, lungs and blood vessels. If gone untreated, this disease is fatal. Transmission of heartworm disease increases during summer, but you should always make sure your pet is protected.

How to Help Dogs Like Justice
Dogs like Justice end up in our shelter for a variety of different reasons, but the cost of the medication can deter potential adopters. Time and time again, our incredible community steps in to help sponsor treatment for these animals, which not only heals them but also increases their chances of getting adopted. As we gear up for warmer months, so too will the mosquitos, so we welcome any and all support to make sure these animals have treatment waiting for them upon their arrival. Any donations are appreciated to help give these great animals a better chance at finding their perfect homes! Click here for more information about our Broken Hearts Club or to make a donation.