Fresh Start Fall

Summer is coming to an end, and the people and animals of the Virginia Beach SPCA are looking forward to the change in season! We’re hoping our long term residents will get a fresh start this fall. Below we’ll introduce you to the seven animals whose adoption fees have been sponsored in hopes of finding them the loving homes they have been patiently waiting for here at the shelter.


Age: 8 years
Likes: Comfortable beds, snacks
Dislikes: Youngsters (children under 16)
Perfect Home: One where he can be an only pet


Roxie – ADOPTED! 

Age: 1 year
Likes: Belly rubs, playing with toys
Dislikes: Waiting for her second chance
Perfect Home: One where she’ll get plenty of walks


Deuce – ADOPTED! 

Age: 4 years
Likes: A good meal, leaning against his human friends
Dislikes: Itchy skin allergies
Perfect Home: One with large breed experience


Sparkle- ADOPTED!

Age: 9 years
Likes: Having lots of attention
Dislikes: Cats, birds, and small animals
Perfect Home: One where her people are as excited about life as she is


Age: 5 years
Likes: Squeaky toys
Dislikes: Sharing attention with other animals
Perfect Home: One where her people will be patient as she learns how to be a pet


Age: 1 year
Likes: Snacks, time in the sun
Dislikes: New situations
Perfect Home: One where her people will help her learn to trust



Age: 2 years
Likes: Other cats, if properly introduced
Dislikes: Waiting for a forever home
Perfect Home: One where she’ll be brushed to keep her beautiful fur tangle-free

To learn more about our Fresh Start Fall animals, click here and read their complete bios! A special thanks to Chris Kubik from Canines of Cork for doing a photo shoot with some of our long term residents!