Darius McCray


Darius McCray, owner of Darius McCray Fit, competitive bodybuilding coach/athlete and personal trainer at Flex Gym has lived a life immersed around the ideals of teamwork and fitness.  As a United States Navy veteran, Darius worked as a Builder rate in a construction battalion.  He has studied exercise science and kinesiology at various colleges, which truly broadened his approach to fitness. Those opportunities allowed Darius to become quite knowledgeable about weightlifting techniques and the biomechanics pertaining to functional and traditional exercise.

Darius moved here to Virginia beach four years ago. He has built a life for himself through his personable skills and sweet chivalric charm. Becoming a model for the 2019 SPCA Magic Mutt calendar was one of the greatest highlights of being a Virginia Beach native. Being able to spend time with so many animals that need and WANT love was unreal. Raising some of the money to save these fur babies was a dream come true!

One of his keys to success is creating propelling opportunities from life’s growing list of adversities.  Since most of these animals can’t voice their feelings, Darius strives to do what he can so they can be heard.