Bay Beach and the VBSPCA partner to help local wildlife

While the Virginia Beach SPCA is the only animal shelter in the state of Virginia licensed to rehabilitate wildlife, the shelter and clinic are not able to provide emergency care 24 hours a day. Spring is a busy time of year for our wildlife department, and the entire VBSPCA staff is  especially grateful for the after hours assistance that has been provided by the doctors and staff of Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital.  Since February 2018, doctors and staff at Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital have donated their time and resources to assist in the care and emergency treatment of local wildlife outside of the Virginia Beach SPCA’s normal operating hours.

So what should you do If you happen to come across wildlife that appears to need assistance? First and foremost, visit our wildlife page here or call the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Wildlife Referral Line (757-263-4762). This is an important step that must be done prior to taking the animal to the hospital to determine the best course of action.

The doctors and staff at Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital have gone above and beyond to care for local wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Working together has been wonderful, and we can’t thank them enough!

Special note: As a precaution, raccoons who have already opened their eyes cannot be treated at Bay Beach Veterinary Emergency Hospital or the Virginia Beach SPCA. For cases where a raccoon is injured or distressed, please contact your local animal control for assistance.