Amy Mallet | In Service to the VBSPCA for 2 Years

As a proud pet parent of two rescue dogs, Amy Mallet is a passionate advocate for animal adoption. She joined the Virginia Beach SPCA Board of Directors two years ago because of her experience with her own pets. “By serving on the VBSPCA Board of Directors, I have been able to share that joy of pet adoption with others and garner more support for animals looking for forever homes,” said Mallet.

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, Mallet lends her expertise to the VBSPCA and other organizations. She is currently the manager of the Virginia Natural Gas Corporate Communications team and serves as the chair of the Virginia Natural Gas EverGreen team, a group dedicated to supporting the company’s environment and sustainability efforts. Mallet also volunteers her time to the Bay Beagle Rescue, Salvation Army, and United Way. She lives in Virginia Beach with her two Beagles, Cooper and Wilson.

Mallet says she was drawn to volunteer with the VBSPCA because of its mission to provide compassion for animals in need. “I am a passionate champion for the welfare of our animals,” said Mallet. “The VBSPCA exemplifies its dedication to being true community partners by teaching individuals to be more humane and responsible in the treatment of animals.”

Educating the community about the variety of services offered at the VBSPCA is a priority for Mallet. She hopes to inspire others to support the animals in any way they can. “The VBSPCA provides opportunities for people of all ages to touch the lives of animals who need a warm home and lots of love,” said Mallet. “Individuals can volunteer to take a dog for a walk, read to animals, donate supplies, foster a pet, participate in a fundraising event, or give monetary donations, just to name a few.” 

Dedicated individuals like Mallet ensure the VBSPCA can continue working towards its mission of ending animal suffering and homelessness. We are grateful for everything she does to help our animals! 

If you are interested in serving on the Virginia Beach SPCA Board of Directors, please email Emily.Peck@vbspca.com for more information.