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Cats Indoors


Letter to the Editor: Keep Cats Inside for their Safety


Top 10 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

1.      There is a significant chance that your cat may be run over by a car.  

2.      Predators (dog, raccoons, coyotes, other cats, birds of prey) may harm cats.  

3.      Not all humans have the best intentions and may be cruel to your cat.

4.      Cats can be exposed to diseases like leukemia, feline aids, and rabies.

5.      An unspayed cat can have 2-3 litters a year and over 100 kittens in her lifetime, thus exacerbating the overpopulation issue.

6.      Even with proper identification, your cat may wander off or go missing.

7.      Cats have a predatory nature and can kill wildlife.

8.      Cats may carry the T. gondii parasite leading to Toxoplasmosis and are responsible for other public health concerns.  

9.      In the City of Virginia Beach it is not legal to allow your cat to roam at large.

10. Outdoor cats have shorter lives. According to, the average life expectancy of indoor cats is between twelve and fifteen years. A cat that lives predominantly indoors but spends time outdoors may live on average two to three fewer years than a cat that lives exclusively indoors. Outdoor stray and feral cats live significantly shorter lives. On average, a stray cat lives five years in a community of cats and two to three years if alone.