12 Days of December Animal Ambassadors

The 2019 VBSPCA Holiday Fund Drive is dedicated to the Miracle Medical Fund, which provides lifesaving care to homeless animals. Medical treatment can be very costly and is often a deterrent to potential adopters. The VBSPCA Miracle Medical Fund is in place to help offset those costs, making adoptions possible for animals who so desperately need a second chance. In this season of giving, please consider supporting this fund to help future animals find their happily ever after. If you would like to donate to this life-saving fund, please click here.

For further inspiration, meet our special Miracle Medical Ambassadors from 2019…


Baby is a 2 year old Pomeranian who arrived at the Virginia Beach SPCA in July. His leg was badly broken, and it had been for some time. This sweet pup had clearly suffered in the hands of his previous owner, and we are so glad he found his way to the VBSPCA where he was able to receive the medical care he needed thanks to the VBSPCA Miracle Medical Fund.




Nelson arrived at the VBSPCA last October. He had been in an accident and was badly burned with open wounds on his ears and neck. His body was slow to respond to the medicine which made his outlook grim, but our staff was committed to his care. He remained on medical hold for a couple of months, which gave him time to recover and heal. Finally, after lots of waiting, Nelson was adopted by the perfect family and he is now living his best life. Nelson is a legend around the VBSPCA, as his story shows that animals can come from a traumatic past and still have a heart of gold. Thanks to the Miracle Medical Fund, Nelson received the care he needed. His found his happily ever after because of the kindness of the community.



Buck, an adorable 2 year old hound mix, suffered from a badly broken foot. Our clinic team assessed the situation, opting for a splint in hopes that rest and stabilization would provide the best environment for healing. However, Buck’s foot was very slow to heal, and staff worried he would have to lose his foot altogether. Fortunately, patience and compassionate care proved to be exactly what Buck needed, and his foot finally healed! After months of being on medical hold, Buck has been released and he is available for adoption. Buck has officially been at the VBSPCA since June, and he is our longest canine resident. The cost of care associated with Buck’s circumstances would be more than many can pay, but the Miracle Medical Fund helps offset those costs so that there is less of a burden on his adoptive family. If you would like to visit Buck, stop by the VBSPCA!


Blue Kitty

For the first year of his life, Blue Kitty was a patient in an animal hospital. His skin was irritated, he was severely underweight, and he wouldn’t eat. The hospital could no longer care for him, so they took him to an animal shelter. And then he was transferred to yet another shelter. And from that shelter, Blue Kitty was finally transferred to the Virginia Beach SPCA. Our staff and clinic team understood that he came with extensive medical issues, but no one was ready to give up on this kitten. After some testing and examination, our veterinarians realized that Blue Kitty’s teeth were the source of his troubles. Blue Kitty was quickly scheduled for dental surgery, and now this sweet boy is healthy and happy with his new family. Thanks to the Miracle Medical Fund, Blue Kitty got a second chance at life.



Sweet Isabelle came to the Virginia Beach SPCA in early September. She arrived with significant orthopedic issues, her teeth were a mess, she had a bilateral ear infection, and – to top it all off – she had a cancerous mass that needed immediate attention. Thankfully, our veterinary staff was able to quickly address her many issues, including the safe removal of the tumor from her body. Post-surgery testing revealed that there was no remaining cancer, and we had caught it before it had a chance to spread. Who knows what would have happened to this sweet, 12 year old senior had she not found herself in the hands of the Virginia Beach SPCA. Because of the Miracle Medical Fund, Isabelle is now living out her golden years in her forever home.



This blue-eyed pup’s life is the best kind of comeback story. Although she was adopted when she was a puppy, Mercie was returned to us in September with major anxiety and was scared to be back in the shelter environment. Despite her anxiety, she is extremely sweet and loving. Our dedicated shelter staff knew that she could be helped, so they started her on medication and training to help her relax while she is at the shelter. Mercie has made incredible progress and has even gone on the radio to show that every pup deserves a second chance! She loves going on outings with our staff and is now trying to find her forever home. She is still available and hopes that someone will take her home for the holidays.


Jaxon’s owner surrendered him to the shelter last May. He was only 1 year old at the time, and his coonhound nature made him a very lovable, affectionate, and energetic dog. However, Jaxon had a prolapse of the third eyelid gland in both of his eyes, more commonly referred to as Cherry Eye. This condition is fairly common in dogs, but when left untreated it can lead to further eye issues and possibly impair vision. Given the complicated nature of the surgery, he was brought to see Dr. Brookshire at the Animal Vision Center of Virginia. The cost of Jaxon’s surgery was going to be high, but in less than two weeks – enough money was raised and Jaxon was scheduled for surgery. All went well, and to make a happy story even happier – a staff member at the Animal Vision Vision Center fell in love with Jaxon and adopted him a week later.


Weakened Puppies

In September, the VBSPCA received a litter of 7 lab mix puppies. As soon as they arrived, it was determined that all of them had pneumonia, which can be incredibly dangerous for such young lives. The puppies were immediately treated in our clinic, given antibiotics, and provided with special care to help them survive. One of the puppies was struggling more than the others, so our staff took him to an emergency clinic where she could receive care through the night. The sweet puppy fought for 2 nights, but sadly she did not survive. As heartbreaking as these moments may be, our staff remained focused on the other 6 puppies, taking very special care of them until they strengthened and recovered. We are happy to say that they did, and all are living healthy, happy lives in their forever homes.


Old hound dog Roscoe had chronic skin and ear issues when he came to the shelter in September. The 8-year-old had lost most of his hair due to allergies but our staff was committed to helping him get better. Through countless medicated baths and taking oral antibiotics, Roscoe finally started feeling better. Once his skin started to heal, Roscoe began to open up and show his sweet personality. He is a typical hound — trots around to smell the environment and wants to be your best friend. Roscoe recently found his forever home after getting a second chance at the VBSPCA.



Petunia was found in the bushes outside of the VBSPCA shelter. She was just over a month old at the time, and it was clear that her body was unique. Our clinic staff took some x rays and did some tests, and it was determined that both of her front limbs were missing bones and the bones in her back legs were twisted and misshapen. Additionally, Petunia’s lungs appeared to be underdeveloped and her breathing was labored. She was a genetic challenge, yet she was curious, alert, and absolutely adorable. Petunia went out on foster until she was strong enough and old enough to be made available for adoption. While she grew, the clinic team continued to monitor her development and ensure that she was well. Once Petunia was strong enough, she underwent surgery to help improve her respiratory function, and her resilience has been beyond inspiring. Now, at just over a year old and a solid 5 lbs, Petunia has grown into an amazing cat. Her foster mom became her forever mom, and together they foster puppies and kittens on a regular basis. Petunia has a way with the little ones, loving on them as if they were her own. She is a very special cat, and we are so glad that she found her way to the VBSPCA where she found compassion, care, and a family.


Bandit came to the shelter via transfer, so not much is known about his past. What our staff did know was that his outlook was grim. He had an eye condition called bilateral entropion that requires costly surgery. Although it is a congenital defect and is fairly common, it had caused his eyelids to curl in on eye. This would ultimately cause vision loss. However, because of the Miracle Medical Fund he was able to get the surgery that he needed and had a great recovery. After he was fully healed, he was quickly adopted and is now living a great life with his forever family!


Three Blind Kittens

Back in October, we received a request to take in 3 blind kittens. They were young, homeless, and motherless, and in need of care and medical attention. All 3 kittens had been born with eyes that had not fully formed, and they would eventually need enucleation surgery to prevent future issues and infection. The kittens had been at a shelter where euthanizia was likely, so they were transferred to the VBSPCA where we have the time, space, and resources to give these kittens a chance.

The Miracle Medical Fund is in place for cases such as this. Kittens that had nowhere else to go found comfort and care at the VBSPCA, and it is all because of our generous, compassionate community. This holiday season, please consider contributing to the Miracle Medical Fund, ensuring that the VBSPCA will continue to be a safe haven for animals in need.

Thank You

As we look back on a year of lives forever changed by the kindness of our community, our hearts are full of gratitude. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Miracle Medical Fund, giving so many of our animals the second chance they deserve. If you have not yet supported the fund, you can do so by clicking here. By doing so, you become part of their story.

A special thank you to Terry O’Quinn and some adorable children of our community for helping us put this video together. We hope you enjoy.