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We need your help to save more lives!

The Virginia Beach SPCA Wildlife Program is in need of two large nets to help catch injured birds.  Our volunteers spend countless hours trying to catch injured birds with hand nets and in many cases their injuries are critical and the longer it takes to catch them for treatment the less chance they have to recover.  We are hoping to raise enough money to buy a large and a small net along with a few different types of decoys which will enable us to quickly catch these injured birds and get them the care they desperately need much faster.  

The Large Whoosh net is $400, parking lot net is $200 and two gull decoys at $70 each along with two Canada Geese decoys at $70 each.  This comes to $880 that we need to raise. You can view photos of these items in the gallery below. Please consider making a donation today to help wildlife in our area.             

You can view the items we will be purchasing in the gallery above.