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On June 9th, 2018, the Hampton Roads community came together at Chrysler Hall for the 2nd annual Virginia Beach SPCA Dancing for Paws dance competition to benefit the animals. Thanks to all of our contestants, dance professionals, and sponsors, we were able to raise over $60,000 to benefit the animals!

2018 Dance Contestants:
Kate Baldwin                                                  
Christine Bontempi                                          
Lizzie Davis
Erin Drinkwater
Bebe Edmonds
Chelsey Ellmer
John Fielder
Zach Gorman
Chenue Her
Jim Hernandez
Chad Jackson
Tiffany Kidwell-Gaylord
Shelbie Koch
Jessica Larche
Jason Miyares
Kelly O'Clair
Kimberly Pasquale
Corinne Powers
Aaron Rouse
Shirley Sasser
Tom Schaad
Zachary Smith
Renata Sheppard
Alba Woolard


2018 Dance Pros:
Brent Dunn
Martin Smith
Tim Sovine
Riccardo Pacini
Zhenya Klyukin
Chuck Wills
Brad Wanzor
Damir Abdullaev
Dmitry Sviridov
Allie Powers
Jana Smith
Diane O'Neal
Marie Rants
Sonia Spadoni
Rebekah Klyukin
Katja Harris
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Thank you to all of our sponsors!