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Pets for Patriots

We participate in the Pets for Patriots adoption program. This program assists active and retired military members in the adoption of adult shelter pets, large dogs and special needs animals – those most in need of a loving, forever home. To ease the financial costs associated with pet ownership, Pets for Patriots will deliver a minimum 10% discount for the life of the adopted pet’s care. Pets for Patriots provides access to additional cost reductions for pet basics, such as food, toys and essential supplies. For more information, contact

Pets for the Elderly

While the primary benefits to placing animals in loving homes are obvious - the benefits to elderly persons are ten-fold (versus non-pet owners).

1) Pets lower blood pressure and pulse rate
2) 21% fewer visits to the doctor
3) Less depression
4) Easier to make friends (enhanced social opportunities)
5) Seniors become more active
6) Pets offer affection and unconditional love
7) Pets ease loss of a loved one
8) Pets fight loneliness
9) Seniors take better care of themselves
10) Sense of security

The Virginia Beach SPCA is one of 55 shelters nationwide to participate in the Pets for the Elderly Foundation’s program that allows senior citizens to adopt a pet at a reduced charge. A portion of the adoption fee (currently $50) is covered by the Pets for the Elderly Foundation. Adopters are, however, responsible for any additional costs such as collars, leashes, rabies vaccinations, extra medical tests or services, spay/neuter surgery, etc. For more information, contact