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Our Care fund benefits the medical care of over 3,500 homeless pets. Imagine the cost of providing standard preventative veterinary care, such as spay/neuter, flea prevention and vaccinations, for just one pet…then multiply that figure by thousands.

Many of the animals at the VBSPCA have been neglected or abused and require more costly treatment for conditions such as heartworm, broken bones, and dental disease. The VBSPCA must raise over $300,000 for medical care this year.

The more you give, the more animals we are able to treat. The road to their forever homes begins with you. 

All gifts given will be applied to our Care Fund, which provides vaccines, shelter, and medical care to the animals at the VBSPCA.

To donate to the CARE fund: select "CARE Fund" in the "How would you like your donation applied?" dropdown box on the donation form below.