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Bebe Edmonds

(Bebe is pictured with Star, who was adopted in April).

Beatrix (Bebe) Edmonds was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since her dad worked in the foreign service she grew up living in Germany, Nigeria, and South Africa each for 4 years.  When finally settling back in the US, she received her undergraduate degree at Va Tech. After graduation, she moved to Va Beach and met her husband,Tom who is a local Ophthalmologist. She attended EVMS to start medical school, then LSU for Dermatology residency. Tom and Bebe Edmonds live in Va Beach and have 3 daughters who are attending college and graduate school and a 16 year old foster dog named Spot!  She has worked for Tidewater Skin Care for over 20 years as a Dermatologist. When she is not working, she enjoys yoga and fitness training, golfing, traveling, cooking, volunteering, and reading but has never danced before.  Her New Year’s resolution was to try something that makes her uncomfortable, and this certainly fits the bill!